So How Does It Work?

Thanks to everyone out there who purchased Kids Morning Adventure yesterday and/or shared the URL with others.


By far the number one question I got was this

Ben, I’d love to give this a try, but it’s really unclear the form of the game based on the webpage.
– Colt

I’m interested about your Morning Adventure game, but the website isn’t giving me much info. Do you have some videos or basic concepts you can share?
– Rich

When I go to a game store to check out an RPG, I can skim/read the book before buying it… here? I have to buy it first… meaning, I want more information on this before I’ll plop down $10 for it. In fact, he’d probably get more ‘buy in’ if he gave it away for ‘donation’ than selling it for a fixed price.
– Dave

I thought this was strange, because I felt like I didn’t get these questions when I launched Kids Dungeon Adventure, so I went back and looked at my original launch site, and clearly, it included much more detailed information about what type of game it was. No wonder!

Dave’s last point about a flex price vs a fixed one is interesting. It’s something I definitely thought about, but I also think it’s interesting that there is hardly a single Kickstarter project out there with a tier lower than $10 and that’s for something that may not ever exist! I think $9.99 is an extremely fair price for lowering the stress of your morning routine.

So here’s the description I think Colt, Dave, and Rich were looking for:

Kids Morning Adventure is a download, and print out role playing game. Each day you make an attack roll on monsters you encounter. Your child can attack if they are ready for school by a certain time. If they’re not, they don’t.

Making the bed
Made your own bed today? +1 to attack!

As a bonus, any morning tasks they complete on their own with no intervention from adults gives them a bonus to their attack roll for the day.

There are some more details, but that’s the gist of it. It’s simple and it works. I tried several variations of it last year and most didn’t work very well. This one was simple enough not to interfere with getting to school, but held my kids’ interests for months.

Their first day of school is tomorrow and we’re all set for a new adventure!

Introducing Kids Morning Adventure!

MountainGetting your kids ready for school in the morning is rough.  I felt like my whole morning was spent yelling and it was stressing me and my kids out.

So we built a game around getting ready for school.  Several, actually.  Some didn’t work, some needed to be tweaked, but in the end we came up with a system that reduced stress for everyone, made my kids more independent , and helped us get to school on time every day.

We only have a limited about of willpower each day, why spend yours coaxing a kid to eat their Cheerios?