Kids Morning Adventure

Gamify getting ready for school

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Stop yelling and start rolling.

I built a simple role playing game around getting ready for school that increases independence, reduces stress, and got us to school on time every day.

Here's how it works

Kids Morning Adventure is a download, and print out role playing game. Each day you make an attack roll on monsters you encounter. Your child can attack if they are ready for school by a certain time. If they’re not, they don’t.

As a bonus, any morning tasks they complete on their own with no intervention from adults gives them a bonus to their attack roll for the day.

There are some more details, but that’s the gist of it. It’s simple and it works. I tried several variations of it last year and most didn’t work very well. This one was simple enough not to interfere with getting to school, but held my kids’ interests for months.

What does it do?

No role playing experience necessary

Don't worry if you've never played a role playing game before. Do you have a six sided die you can steal from your old, dusty Monopoly board? Do you have a printer? Of course you do. That's all you need.

It increases independence

Provides kids incentives to do things on their own.

It reduces stress

Stop yelling at them to eat their breakfast and make their beds.

It gets you out the door on time

I explain how to align your morning goals with the game. We made it to school on time every day.

In Action